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A Sneak peak of my upcoming product!


Digital stickers

Hello !! I just finished drawing a surprise product, drum rolls please…My very own digital sticker pack!! Keep reading to get a sneak peek of my stickers!!

It consists of 12 very cute stickers in total, all of them showing different emotions and actions! Such as happy, sad, money minded, and so on! And all of them look like me. My favourite sticker is definitely the dizzy one because it looks so funny and cute! It took me almost about a week to finish the 12 stickers. I made a black outline around the stickers so that you could see them better and more clearly. For the hair, I decided to make it black like my own! Next for the clothes, I decided to use pink as the colour as it was what I was wearing when I first started drawing the sticker pack! 

The process of drawing the digital sticker pack was quite easy, although I did make a few mistakes here and there, but overall it was quite easy. Anyways, here are some pictures of the digital stickers!

The “Ahhhh I’m so dizzy” face

broken image

The “AHHHHH” face

broken image

The “My knight in shining armor saved me!!” face

broken image

The “I didn’t do anything hehe” face

Anyways I might finish uploading the stickers today so stay tuned for my stickers!! 

Credits: Dreamstime 

Reason: Tracing and ideas