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A Tradigital Masterpiece!

Hello! Today, I did a drawing of a camera! 📷 

Here is what it looks like before I added in colour:

broken image

I sketched a few leaves 🍃 and flowers 💐 beside the camera. In the centre, there is a sea 🌊 on the sunset, I also added a few hedges and leaves on the sides of the camera to make it like the camera was inside a bush. I also drew a ship 🛳 sailing ⛵️ in the artwork 🖼. I wished to travel the world, whether air(aeroplane), sea 🌊 (cruise/ship) or land(train/Bus/car/van). I decided to draw this camera 📷 like it was holding all the fun 🤩 memories that my family had!

Here is what my artwork 🖼 look like after I coloured it:

I actually added the colours using procreate, but since the drawing ✍️ was traditional drawing, how did I colour it digitally? I will show you the answers!

  1. Take a picture of your drawing/photo
  2. Import it into procreate or any drawing app/software you use
  3. Drag and drop the colours!

If you did not understand, watch the video below!