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Because our children's happiness is precious..


Our online business prep work, researching for our book material

Helping children to turn their passion and talents into a means of livelihood is helping to find work they love for life.

I am starting out as a content creator and registered my company on 3rd March 2021. This is not the first time I have registered a company but never for a license of three years. While it is not necessary at this stage, it is an indication of my commitment to ourselves.

The WHY for me is that I am building a future for my kids. I want to give them a head-start in the virtual space with videos, while documenting their childhood in the most memorable way to potentially helping them grow a social media following and a passive income for life. The end goal for us is to help other families build a legacy of happy memories, strong parent-child relationships and living a purposeful life in their own terms.

My own childhood memories gave me first hand experience of how it has impacted my decisions in life. Childhood is fundamental in shaping values and developing a strong character. Our childhood experience affects our relationship with people and money, influencing all the choices we make and paths that we chose. I think great childhood develops children into healthier, happier, richer and emotionally more resilient adults. This will be the central message of my content. The motivation to create this content is timely.

I believe that we are living in the best of times where we finally could live a life of discovering our passion and talents, loving the work that we do with the platforms and technology. This is also in line with what Vishen Laskhiani, CEO of Mindvalley said in his program "Be Extraordinary". However, we are also living in the times where emotionally resilience is needed more than ever. I think the slow-down is giving many people a chance to reflect of what is truly important in life. Personally, I feel that parents could use the time saved from telecommuting and virtual socialisation to focus on relationships with their children (and those who matter), co-create their life’s plan, and fine-tuning it along the way according to their pace and interest.

I think the process of our education (Singapore’s context) need not be just primary school, secondary school, junior college, university (selecting course with highest possible income bracket) and get a job. Then only to discovered that we are in the wrong jobs and be miserable for years. And restarting at mid 30s or 40s with at junior level while juggling with growing young children, marital issues and even divorce, at times 2nd or 3rd one. ( It was reported that there were 22,000 marriages and 7000 over divorces in 2019. I believe the figure is a constant year after year with a raising inclination. ) We can disrupt this norm by helping our children test out their idea or interest at each stage of their young live to see if it can be monetised on social media. After all, isn’t our main purpose in education making money, amongst other good-to-haves? Now we can short-cut the long journey of self-discovery by merging our children’s passion and monetisation as soon as they are willing and ready to do so. Parents play an important role in facilitating this. In the process, they will gain greater understanding of their children through observation and working with them. Hence, stronger relationship is developed.

Last year could have been our best years for online marketing if not challenges and hardships in our personal lives. But then again, everything happen for a reason. From these pauses and detours in our journey, we have grown stronger as a family. 2021, we are back again. I want this year to be one of massive implementation and RESULTS.