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It’s just me (1)

Hello, welcome to the new mother-daughter Creative Series called “It’s just me.” In this drawing series, we will create artworks with sentences because they don’t have faces to express any emotions. 

In this artwork, I drew a pink person, called Sunshine Depression. She has money, fame, and especially perfect hair, however, she seems to be sad all the time, but she always console herself by thinking “ at least there’s sunshine”.There is always sunshine above her head but there is always something bothering her, and she doesn't even know what it is.

I would usually do the drawing and my mom would do the writing. As the person drawing, I would get to pick the colour scheme. For this colour scheme, it's a pinkish-yellowish art. The pink is on the girl and the yellow is in the background. I originally wanted to cut her hair short, but then I changed my mind and decided to make the hair a bit to the side like the wind is blowing it to the sides. As for the fringe of her hair, I decided to make it a bit more messy to show that maybe something happened to her and caused her to be in a bad mood, maybe that’s why she doesn’t tidy her hair. Nobody knows.