• Elin's Story 

    Parents are the best teachers for their children. 

    Giving a child a happy, wholesome childhood is the best gift that any parents can offer. 

    为什么家中留有遗产给孩⼦也不能保证幸福?就算钱有⼀万种⽤法但是它不能确保你快乐。这个还不是钱 不是万能论。⼤家⼤概也都听烦了吧?我只想说⽐起给孩⼦钱,⽗⺟还有更重要的事情做。 今天我说⼀下⾃⼰的故事。 我⼩时候就听说过外公在⾦⻔有⼀个洋房在建造但是⼀直迟迟没有⻅过。去年,在好奇⼼的驱使下google 出来看到的资料。 话说当时外祖⽗在⻢来⻄亚做⽣意,他把钱寄到⾦⻔建洋楼想让⺟亲安享晚 年,光宗耀祖。他从1925 年开⼯到1935 年完⼯。当时这栋洋楼是全⾦⻔最奢华耀眼的⼀栋洋楼。虽然⾦ ⻔当时⾮常繁华但是治安却⾮常的差,所以外公除了注重建筑的⽓派、设计和巧⼯,也注重架构是否有...
    My maternal grandfather was once the richest man in Jinmen, Taiwan. We had a mansion that he built during 1925 - 1935. It was seized during Japanese occupation for military purpose and later on by the Taiwanese government. Hence, the mansion is also known as "xian bing yang lou" (宪兵洋楼)or the...
    Parents, have you ever felt like your dreams are buried from the daily mandane life of keeping things afloat? I do. But I found a reason and a way to find my courage to do through my children.  Kaylie loves to draw and daydream. And she can be a little eccentric as well. Sometimes she says some...
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