Barnard's Mission (ebook)

Barnard's Mission (ebook)

Kaydens first ever science fiction storybook.

Synopsis: It is the 31st Century, and humanity... is doomed.

Rampant wars and heavy climate change have made Earth uninhabitable, and all the colonies in the solar system have been destroyed or cannot sustain a large enough population to ensure our survival.

All seems lost when the last functioning space telescope detects a habitable world in the Barnard's Star system. From there, its a rush to get to the exoplanet and build a new home.

600 years later, the Noah's Ark, the colony vessel, finally arrived in orbit of their new home, Barnard's Prime. Landing on Barnard's Prime, the colonists get to work, but soon realise they're not the only intelligent life on the planet. Indeed, the native aliens, the Ra'kal, have built themselves up to a level of technology on par with the medieval era, and they seem to be able to control forces that defy all scientific and common belief.

Tensions run high between the two peoples. One, a technologically advanced juggernaut that will stop at nothing to build their new home. Another, capable of performing feats that affronts all conventional scientific wisdom.
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