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A Tree Tells A Thousand Wonders

It was a windy afternoon, I was bored and decided to paint. I painted a tree and sunset. Why do I like trees so much? Well It’s because…I like the trees. Trees have different shapes, sizes and their leaves are in different colors, shapes and sizes too. I think they look fascinating. Outside the apartment where my family and I live, there is a tree that "rains flowers" once every year. I leapt with joy when I saw these "Cherry Blossom-like" flowers just at my doorstep. At night, there would be a spotlight shining on that one special tree near the guardhouse, giving it  has such magical glow. This reminds me about the book my mother has read as a child. It is called  “The Enchanted Tree”. She told me that it was a "Harry Potter" of her days. Fantasy is something I have grown to love. And this tree sparks my imagination and so I decided to draw it on a lazy, bored afternoon. 

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