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Starting out|Genshin Impact

I recently started playing Genshin Impact. At first, I did not understand the controls of the game. I did not understand why my broter liked the game so much. Everytime he wants the Ipad and I ask him why, it's always about genshin. I just started playing genshin about 3 days ago. On the first day, I killed a few slimes and went to Monstadt. I also got amber. On the second day, I fought storm terror, got Lisa, and Kaeya. On the third day, I did abit more. I got Noelle and Chongyun, I also cleared two of the crystals that gave stormterror power. And I also cleared a few hirchurl camps and opened some chests. And just like that, its already my favourite game, one of my friends said" Once you GenshIN you can't GenshOUT" Thought im not good at the game, I believe if I do daily commissions, farm primo gems and level up my characters, I will be a proffesional. 

(Update: My brother got the Raiden Shogun and my bestfriend started playing aswell!!)