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Courage From My Daughter to Pursue Our Dreams Together

Documenting Childhood, Creating Lasting Memories.


Parents, have you ever felt like your dreams are buried from the daily mandane life of keeping things afloat? I do. But I found a reason and a way to find my courage to do through my children. 

Kaylie loves to draw and daydream. And she can be a little eccentric as well. Sometimes she says some of the weirdest things to me. She is bold and can be defiant. She reads me very well, knowing how far she can push her boundaries and knows vividly when I mean business. I love her light and her funny antics. These amazing qualities of hers  soothes my grief and brought me much laughter and joy  in my lowest, darkest moment. 

Kaylie is at the age of exploration. She dreams of many things to do and one of them is being an artist. As a Work-From-Home-Mum, I can observe her closely and guide her accordingly. She has a cheeky  and stubborn nature in how she gets around to doing things that she loves. I want to document her growing years and document these special moments as best as I can.  We decided to collaborate to publish our book together. Both of us brainstorm for the story together.  She will draw and I will help her with the words. Her first book is very peculiar to Kaylie and many children around the world - the use of gadgets. We live in an information age where we cannot avoid the use of them in order for our children to stay relevant. The key lies in parental supervision. 

Our mentor, Peng Joon, always loves to tell us:

“Be the 1% Content Creator, Not the 99% Content Producer.”

So I help guide her through content creation that combats these issues and at the same time, giving her a platform to showcase her creativity. I think this is the best way to avoid overuse and abuse of gadgets while giving her a head-start in the virtual space.  I count my blessing to be able to be by her side watching her grow up and help her discover her passion and talents while she gives me the courage to pursue mine. We are each other’s best friend, helping each other to fulfill our dreams. 

Click over to read Kaylie’s first picture book! Coming up: Kaylie’s video on Caught Red-Handed