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My report book came back, and  mum was pleased with my results. She gave me a reward, with conditions - I would be paid $100 for tutoring my sister, at her given schedule. I have been helping her with homework anyway so this is an affirmation of my ability. Mum said I would be responsible for pulling up her scores.  To make it real and proper, my mother wrote me a receipt.  I took the money and officially became my sister's tutor. I was escatic with being paid for my hard work.

My first day was rather rough. I started a bit later than the agreed timing. I was also only able to cover 2 subjects that day as my sister had Chinese spelling the next day. The following days did get smoother though. I would record her progress and give remarks on a journal. 

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Thats not to say that everything was all rosy for me. My sister was rather argumentative, forcing me to answer those questions as well. While I do not disapprove with her curiousity, it can get on my nerves if she pushes to much. We are writing down her scores, analyzing her strengths and weaknesses and setting goals for her to improve her grades. 

I am all set to pull in the punches to make sure that she will get her As. It won't be easy but there is a saying that goes:"Anything worth having won't be easy."

From our MindValley sessions, all our mentors are saying that to learn better, teach what you have learnt. This is what I am getting my sister to do to reinforce what I have taught her. So I am documenting our life in this video.