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We all know that twitch is full of people who stream on pc or console, but have you ever heard of a mobile streamer? Well, it turns out that twitch is running a beta for streaming video games on mobile without having to use third party apps like streamlabs. Here is my experience of exactly that.

When I first started streaming, I chose (and still choose) to play Genshin Impact. This was right around the Venti and Tartaglia rerun banners during 1.4. I streamed for less than an hour.  NOBODY WATCHED. But I did enjoy myself, and so I continued.

In school, I was asked by my friends who were suscribed to me on YouTube why I haven't uploaded anything for a couple of weeks. So I told them about new my venture into the streaming world. I did get one following that day who was probably my friend. 

One day when I was streaming, I found that someone had entered my stream and we talked over the chat. He offered to help with some stuff in games but it was in vain as streaming and playing Genshin Impact on co-op is very taxing on my phone, even if i am streaming right next to the wifi router. However, that did not stop us from having a good time. We even got to have another person join us. Cool! 

Now, I try to stream at 6pm on Fridays, Saturdays (maybe Sundays) and during the school  holidays. I will be updating this post as we go along. 

Edited on 7 June 2021:

Here's what happened from the last update. I started streaming on the iPad. This was a success since not only was the quality of the stream improved, my gameplay became much more smoother. This was most evident when I managed to finish cloud retainer's domain during the archon quests. I'm not sure if I have mentioned it during my stream, but when playing on my phone, I couldn't even get past the first challenge of the domain. This goes to show how a small upgrade of equipment can go a long way to help the quality of your streams/videos. If you have got an iPad and an iPhone, 

Edited on 29 June 2021:

Link to twitch channel: 

Here's a photo as well:

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Edited On 25 Oct 2021

After a while away, I finally went back to streaming. I also started to stream Roblox games like Base Battles and Rise Of Nations.