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Procreate 5.2 update is here! 

3d model artworks/photos had been downloaded into procreate,there’s new brushes,there’s also page assist ! I will be showing you how to get the 3d models

  1. Open procreate 
  2. Tap “ what’s new” on the top right corner 
  3. Tap “download pack” 

or if you have already do this and you want another copy, follow this video:

And the artworks should be shown on your screen! However, it might take some time to load.  You can play around with these models and repaint them. You can even view them in AR (augmented reality) and in 2d! 

You can now change colour palette shapes from compact to cards!

I also found something interesting in one of the models! (The electric guitar) 

if you paint it black, the texture will be metalic!

I would simply give this update 10/10