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The Perfect Excuse To Get Your Parents To Let You Game On

Making Sure The Biggest Distraction Of Our Prize Doesn’t Interrupt Us


As you know, the holiday period is coming. With 2 whole months to spare, there are obviously going to be people who will be gaming for hours on end. To no one's surprise, the parents won't be too happy about that. This blog post will reveal to you the perfect excuse to make sure your gaming time doesn't get interrupted.

In the words of an “Ah Boys To Men” character. "My secret is no secret". That’s growing a social media via videos. 

Don't worry, i can already hear you say ”But my parents would restrict my screen time.”. Don't worry because this secret will get you around that.

Before I share my strategy to allow your parents to use the gadget freely. These are some thing

 you need to do.

  1. You need to be completing your homework.
  2. Your room is clean. 
  3. Occasionally helping with some chores at home so that your mum will get off your back. 

Grades are still not to your parent’s satisfaction?

Here is how I do it that grades is not everything. Thing is, decent grades is something you need to negotiate with parents. 

Her's a little story. My mother used to restrict my screen time. 

When I was 10 I told my mum I wanted to be a YouTuber making gaming videos. She said there is no future, even I told her about the possibilities about making money growing a YouTube channel, she still said no. Only after I was 11 years old and won an SDMA award, did she help me create a channel.

The idea is to let your parents know that you are not just gaming for leisure but you could also make a career or a business doing this. 

Here is the strategy that you can use to convince your parents that you are preparing for your future. Sounds nice? Well, before I tell you what this secret is, make sure to suscribe so you can keep up to date with us and get more valuable content.

Here is my strategy:

  1. Share the Rich Dad Poor Dad story. No time to read? Here is what you can do. Go and buy the audio book and listen to the book from Amazon. Want to read the book faster? Download Blinkist and you can listen to the audio book and finish in 15mins. Get the trial for free for 7 days. And if you like it, you can buy the subscription for the the price of a few books but have limitless access for the entire year. Just imagine how many books you can read in a year! Another bragging right for you to convince your parents to let you do whatever you want.
  2. Once your parents get the story how business owners have time freedom and growing a passive income. Let them know Youtube works in a similar way. Once you create the video, it is your digital asset forever. You can simply post your video in YouTube and once you reach 1000 subscribers you can start to monetise on Youtube. Sure, it's hard to grow a gaming channel but there are ways to help grow your followers through social media like FB, IG and TT. This will be for another post for another day.
  3. Another way to monetise even when you have not reached 1000 subscribers in a year is affiliate marketing programs. One of the fastest ways to get you to grow your confidence to speak in front of your camera is to join Peng Joon’s 21 Day’s Video’s Challenge and be an Affiliate Marketer. If you don’t know what it is I’m going to explain the process. First you check the company of a product or Service you enjoy. Then, check if it has an affiliate marketing program. If it has one, register and get the affiliate marketing link. Then share about the product and service with the affiliate marketing link on social media. Once someone makes the purchase, you make money. It’s that simple!

Never made a video before? Don’t worry, after joining video’s challenge through my link. Take a screenshot and email me at 

I will email you my checklist of how you can save time and avoid the learning curve of figuring out yourself. 

So the next time your parents try to stop you from gaming., just tell them “I’m preparing for my future.”